Quality Education with a Proper Foundation 



The school was established in 1978 on the conviction that the trend in American education was drifting away from Christian principles and ideals upon which this country was founded.


The need for Christian schools is greater than ever before in our country. Our children need schools which provide them excellent scholastic education, and also allow them to learn about God, the Creator and Redeemer of all mankind.


At Open Door Christian School The Ten Commandments are still on the walls and God's law is the final authority for all decisions of right and wrong.


With the increased problems facing America's government schools, more and more parents are turning to Christian schools as a "better choice" for their children. At ODCS parents will be pleased to find: 

  • Discipline
  • High moral standards
  • Wholesome activities
  • Happy environment
  • Uniforms for students
  • Academic excellence
  • Phonics-based reading
  • Computer education
  • Dedicated staff
  • Bible-based values 
  • Low tuition
  • Extended day care
  • Music ProgramsPhysical Education

Instruction is given in all subjects which are required for each grade level according to state of Alabama curriculum standards. Bible class is a part of the daily schedule. We offer a full academic program, which will transfer to any other school inside or outside the state of Alabama. ODCS uses the finest of Christian textbooks and materials, and our teacher-directed curriculum guides provide 175 days of instruction (as of September 2012) in all subjects in all grades. 


ODCS provides a regular course of study according to state requirements, but taught by Christian teachers from the point of view that all true knowledge and wisdom can be found only in the Bible.


One of the school's basic reasons for operating is the proper instruction of children in a wholesome, spiritual environment. The desire to instill in the hearts of students the importance for godly living makes it necessary to have rules and guidelines for dress and conduct.


Curriculum:  In grades K-3, the school uses the A Beka Book Curriculum. For subjects in grades 4-12, ODCS uses curriculum materials provided by other Christian publishing companies such as ABeka Book and Accelerated Christian Education, among others.



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